Un Tinto, Un Toro—Toro’s Wine Festival

Did I ever mention to you that one time I (along with three others) won 30 bottles of wine at the Toro Wine Festival?

Wine from Toro's Wine FestivalUh yeah, that’s all ours

I’m a big fan of Toro wine, as you may have guessed. Toro is a small town located in the Zamora province, and its wine is divine! (Sorry for that random rhyming. Really, so sorry.) It’s not as well known as Ribera del Duero (another favorite) or Rioja, but the wines from Toro are some of my favorites, perhaps because I’ve had the chance to try so many of them. In fact, I know way more about Toro wine than any wine in the U.S.!

Every year, Toro holds a wine festival, la Feria del Vino de Toro, in its bullfighting ring. You pay €5, and you get five drink tickets. You want to know a secret, though? Hardly anyone asks for them, meaning we were able to try more than five. Shhh! It’ll be our little secret.

Toro Wine Festival


This year, the Toro wine board had posted that the person who uploaded the “most original” photo to their Facebook page would win … 30 bottles of wine!

30 bottles of wine?

That seemed like, um, a lot. All for simply uploading an “original” photo? I told my companions about this contest, and my friend Luis suggested the photo—and it seemed like a winner! After all, the idea was originality, and this was original.

Un Tinto, Un Toro

We took this photo on the sands of the bullfighting ring. Do you get it yet? You can be forgiven if you don’t. Toro’s wine slogan is “Un Tinto? Un Toro!”, which means “A glass of red wine? A glass of TORO red wine!” And toro also means “bull;” thus, the bull horns.

Un Tinto, Un Toro Waterlogue

We uploaded the first photo, and then I browsed around to see others’ photos, which didn’t impress me too much. There were a few selfies, a picture of a glass of wine in the bullfighting ring, and our photo, which we all felt stood above the rest. But of course we had to wait, so we just kept drinking wine for another hour.

IMG_0934Don’t you love the handy wine-carrying pouches?

After we all were feeling sufficiently lightheaded, we set off to have lunch, tapas-style, along Toro’s main thoroughfare, Puerta del Mercado.

On Monday, I got a private message on Facebook from Toro, stating that I was the winner … Where should they send the 30 bottles of wine? It goes without saying that we’re set for wine for the foreseeable future!

Have you ever tried Toro wine? Ever been to Toro?

11 thoughts on “Un Tinto, Un Toro—Toro’s Wine Festival

  1. 30 bottles of red wine? dios!

    with only 3 glasses i already get merry, and with a whole bottle totally pissed!

    anyway i am now a beer man so i think that the best thing for red wine is to mix it with coke to have Kalimocho (i was a Kalimocho man some years ago)

    i also think that red wines from Castilla whether Rioja or Duero are overrated, for the best wine i have ever drinked was a Jumilla, from MY region Murcia.

    an important note: i love to add the ending “ed” to form the past of verbs like to drink or to think even if it seems to be a mistake, i know that! but i love how it looks and sounds.

  2. 30 bottles of wine, wow! Sounds like my father’s version of heaven. Where are you storing all of them? Do you have a wine cooler in your apartment?

  3. Toro wine is my absolute favorite! Esteban and I took a one night escapada to toro last February and we can’t wait to go back ASAP! Not only was it a beautiful pueble, but the vast selection of wine was breathtaking! ;) My favorite part about Toro is that in the bares, they ask you “reserva o tempranillo” after ordering a “vino tinto” instead of “ribera o rioja”. When was the wine festival? I’d love to go next year!

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