Old West Style—My 2014 Summer Vacation

Hey guys! So it turns out I decided to go on vacation and not post at all (!!). Nope, I didn’t schedule any posts, and I care absolutely nothing about it. I’m not the world’s most-dedicated blogger, even if I do occasionally find myself loving it. Where did I go?

I headed out west to visit my brother and his wife, who live in Nevada near Lake Tahoe. An idyllic place to live, wouldn’t you say? Yep, yep, it was pretty idyllic. Except that it was cold and rainy on our last day, but other than that, the West (with a capital W) treated us pretty darn well. Here are some of my photos, all taken on my iPhone.

Mount Tallac HikeThe beginning of a long, arduous hike up Mount Tallac

Our first day, after arriving at 11 p.m. the night before (2 a.m. our time), we got up around 7 to drive out to the Mount Tallac trailhead. Mount Tallac is located southwest of Lake Tahoe, in California. My brother warned us it would be difficult—and it was!—but the views were worth it. (It was an elevation gain of 3,250 feet and is 5 miles [8 km] long.)

Mount Tallac HikeMy brother and sister-in-law

Mount Tallac HikeYeah, my mom is pretty amazing and did this 10-mile hike with almost no problems!

Mount Tallac Hike

Mount Tallac Hike

Mount Tallac Hike SummitWe did it! (I just realized I look like I’m gonna fly and Colleen is celebrating. Oh well!)

Mount Tallac Hike

For relaxation purposes, we then hit up Sand Harbor beach, which my friend (hi, Ashlee!) told me was her favorite area beach.

Sand Harbor Beach Lake TahoeHashtag ‘Murica

Sand Harbor Beach Lake Tahoe

Sand Harbor Beach Lake Tahoe KayakSelfie while kayaking on the lake #wearecute

That about sums up my first two days in Nevada/California! I know that next time I go I will be up to date on the top snorkeling product reviews and try that for the first time in these waters!

Have you ever been to Lake Tahoe?

7 thoughts on “Old West Style—My 2014 Summer Vacation

  1. Wow! Great photos, Kaley! I’d love to get to Lake Tahoe. I was recently out west in Phoenix and loved it. The hike you went on looks awesome! The only thing I’d change is swapping that Budweiser out for a Miller since my grandpa would tell me to do so because he worked at Miller for 30-some years.

  2. I’ve been to Tahoe many times, the last time we almost got engaged…..instead we got engaged in Reno. beautiful photos. it’s a gorgeous area.

  3. Shockingly, I’ve never been to Lake Tahoe. I think every single person I know has been there. It’s on my to-visit list whenever I resurface in California, but…mosquitoes.

    1. There weren’t that many really! I mean, this is coming from the girl who normally attracts ALL the mosquitoes. But there were some tour groups that absolutely doused themselves in bug spray. It was hilarious, like a cologne wafting by when you passed them. I was like, “What’s that smell? BUG SPRAY.” So I guess the mosquitoes out west just like me more.

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