I Haven’t Blogged Much This Summer—Why?

Here’s the thing: I haven’t blogged much this summer because I haven’t wanted to. 

Yep, here I am, a blogger, admitting that sometimes blogging sucks. Sometimes it’s really fun, though! You know, when you’re inspired or doing lots of things you think others will think are cool or when you have loads of things to say. The truth is, none of these things are happening right now. I’m not inspired, at least not to talk about Spain, and when I do a post about what has been really fun, practically no one responds. (See my last post.) But, as an experiment, I’ve come up with a list of reasons why I choose not to blog sometimes:

My readers won’t find it interesting.

This happens a lot. Fortunately, most of the time I just blog about it anyway, because I’m not really concerned with gaining blog popularity or getting to 1000 followers on Instagram (crazy laughter, ’cause that’ll never happen).

It might cause unnecessary controversy.

Things I shouldn’t blog about: I don’t like Barcelona (the city or the team), some days I hate myself for being one of those expat blogs, or why I stopped reading _______’s blog. If you want to know more, email me.

The few posts that have caused controversey give me headaches, because I don’t like defending myself online. Blog comments can sometimes be horribly misconstrued, because sarcasm doesn’t translate well to WordPress or Disqus comment sections, am I right?

Ugh, that would take much more work than I’m willing to put in.

Let me write up my whole Spain story,” I said to myself a few years ago. Oops, yeah, that blog series died a quick death, because I put it aside and never wrote about it again!

My life is not that interesting.

I know many people who fantasize about living in Europe. (Why always Europe and not a specific country?!) They’ve been there for a semester or a few weeks and think they know the place, think they’d want to make it their home. Well, maybe they do … but most likely they were suffering from what I like to call “vacation syndrome,” in which one travels somewhere on vacation and then thinks life would always be like that there. Nope!

News flash, crazy 20-somethings, Spain is not a permanent vacation even if they do sometimes drink beer before noon or take naps. It’s real life—it’s paying bills, filing your taxes, dragging groceries home from the store without a car, commuting an hour to work, washing clothes and hanging them out to dry, figuring out what to do when your heat stops working … It’s life! And if you’re married/dating a Spaniard, you also need to deal with in-laws—just in another language! I’m not complaining. Just sayin’.

How many posts about “Top 10 ______” do we really need?

I’m really seven years old at heart, so when I read “Top 10 ______”, I often do a mental eyeroll. (Is that possible? Of course it is.) I even do it when I write my own lists. People like lists! People freaking love top-10 lists! So I write them, but sometimes I really wish I weren’t that susceptible to Internet peer pressure. Because how do you know the top 10 beaches? Have you visited all of them? The top 10 slang words? Says who, from which region? I suppose if you wrote “My Top 10 _______”, I’d be less likely to do that mental eyeroll.


All of this to say: Guys, I’m not writing, but don’t worry … because you’re only missing these crazy machinations you see above, a.k.a. not much. In other me-related news, summer is more than halfway over and I’ve only visited California for the first time, hiked a crazy 10-mile hike, gone to Yosemite and hiked up North Dome, not gotten a permit to hike Half Dome, visited Sonoma and Napa, drank beer on Sand Harbor beach on Lake Tahoe, kayaked on Lake Tahoe with my sister-in-law, seen the Pacific Ocean for the first time, canned crazy amounts of tomatoes, made my first-ever homemade Bernaise sauce to great success, and gotten really great news from the U.S. government (!!). That’s all, really. Not a lot, right?

Photo Jul 29, 2 13 42 PM

How’s your summer going? And, if you’re a blogger, what do you do when you don’t feel like blogging?

21 thoughts on “I Haven’t Blogged Much This Summer—Why?

  1. “(Why always Europe and not a specific country?!)” Spot on. It’s the same when people tell me they want to travel “Asia” and I know they really mean Vietnam or Thailand or whatever the new backpacking tourist hotspot is.

    Anyway. Please write a post about your travels in California, I’ve been dying over your Instagram posts.

  2. I BARELY blogged this summer — I’d blame the bar exam for most of it, but I also just didn’t really feel like it, so I didn’t it. I miss it now though.

    When I’m not blogging I’m a much more religious instagram-poster!

  3. For what it’s worth, you’re not one of “those” expat bloggers, which is probably why I enjoy reading your blog so much. I have a low tolerance for bullsh*t, but unlike other bloggers (cough) you tell it like it is, which I love. So don’t fret :)

    Glad you’re enjoying the summer. Sounds fantastic. I have never been out west, but it looks amazing. And how are the tomatoes this summer in the Midwest? They aren’t very good this year out here in the Northeast! (I feel like you and I have had several tomato interactions on Twitter….)

    I haven’t done much this summer since I’ve been home from Granada! Mostly prepping for the big move to Madrid! Hope to run into ya sometime :)

    1. The tomatoes here are okay. There are a lot, but they haven’t gotten huge like they normally do. The weather hasn’t been hot enough!

      That’s exciting for you! Are you doing auxiliar stuff in Madrid?

      1. Yep, same thing here. They’re not as sweet nor fragrant as usual :(

        And yes, I’m doing the BEDA program this year. Freaking out a bit about Madrid! It’s going to be a big change fom sleepy Granada.

  4. I’m with you 100%, which has a lot to do with why I stopped blogging about my personal life altogether. Kudos to you for being brave enough to come out and say it. Do what you want! Life in Spain is not a permanent vacation and even my own family and friends still don’t seem to understand that.

    I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog and will continue to do so as long as you’re posting. Big hugs from boring old Texas, where all I’ve really done all summer is look after my nephew :)

  5. I blog for myself, so when I don’t want to, I don’t. Which is probably pretty obvious, since it’s been a while since I last posted. I do miss when other blogs (including yours!) don’t have new posts though. Seems like everyone’s on summer hiatus…probably because there are better things to do than sit in front of a computer. Sounds like your summer has been great!

  6. I’ve barely written this summer either, join the club! And same here, when I do write about things that really interest me, it usually falls on deaf ears. And I try to avoid list posts though I realize my last post was kind of a list. But I did not title it “Top Ten Words You Should Avoid [blahblahblah].” Which is maybe why not many people read it but it did have zombies in the title which I realize is kind of a cop out too. If I’m not blogging, I’m usually reading and I’ve been on an urban fantasy kick recently, devouring all the books in the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. But I don’t blog about it because I’m probably the only person I know who enjoys these kinds of books.

  7. Blogging is so depressing at times!! BUT yours is one of the few Spain expat ones I actually read because it is such quality. I’m inwardly crying just a lil’ bit cuz you say you don’t like Barcelona, but who knows, maybe I’ll be right there with you in T-2 days ;) And I totally agree about the top 10 lists (even though I wrote one, gahhhhh) but somehow ALWAYS find myself reading those!! I guess we’re just drawn to numbers, damn us.
    I was just in Yosemite too! Maybe we crossed paths.
    Anyway, sending blogging love your way. ymuchomas is awesome.

    1. Yes, top 10 posts are just … oddly attractive to readers, I guess.

      You were in Yosemite? Fun! Did you do any good hikes? We left early because of car problems/smoke.

  8. You “haven’t blogged much this summer”–and that’s totally okay! It’s the summer and not much is happening, anyways. It seems like all of us expat-in-Spain-bloggers are home for the summer right now, too :P

    BTW I’d love to hear your thoughts on Barcelona vis-a-vis Madrid (although I know you’re not the biggest fan of Madrid either), or even just as a European city in its own right. Don’t shy away from controversial topics…those are usually make for more interesting blog posts!

  9. I feel like I’ve been taking a vacation from blogging this summer as well, so I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s been avoiding it. I don’t have any solutions for blogger’s block, but I’m sure you could find a good Top 10 list out there with some ideas :)

  10. I totally agree that it starts to get boring when you LIVE for real in a foreign country. I’m starting to see that for myself (once again) and I’m scared of my own top 10 lists on France (although I’m more of top 5 lists, hehe).
    As for blogging, what I like to do is to prepare a bunch (two or three??) of light posts with links or beautiful pictures or TBT … I can sometimes write three of them in a row when I feel motivated and the moment I have nothing interesting to say about what I do/see/make/read/you name it (or I just haven’t time) I publish or shcedule them.

  11. I often go through periods of blogging infrequently. It used to be because I was too busy traveling to write about those travels, and now it’s that I’m too tired after work to do anything more than eat, watch TV, and sleep. Don’t worry about it; we’ll just be happy to see a new post from you! I always enjoy, even if I don’t leave a comment (like if I’m reading on my phone).

    Your California pictures look like tons of fun! Even though I was born and raised in California, I’ve missed a lot of those places you’ve visited, so I clearly have more to add to my bucket list!

  12. Kaley, this is one of my favorite posts ever of yours! I think I just love the time — unapologetic and honest and kinda sarcastic.

    I agree — blogging can be so wonderful but people need breaks even from good things sometimes.

    I think having an expat blog can feel confining sometimes when you want to talk about something else, but honestly, I don’t think your posts need to always relate directly to being in Spain or being American. Sometimes they can just be about life and what you’re up to. I know I enjoy the posts that are about what you think and your thoughts and your feelings the most. I’m not that into Spain, to be honest, but I follow because I enjoy your perspective.

    I agree with so much in this post too — especially about the top 10 list thing! Sometimes I feel pressure to write everything in that format but sometimes I just like things being looser. And I also think: well, how do you really know what a perfect day in wherever is?


  13. I agree, write what you feel. Who cares if some don’t find it their cup of tea, others will. I always think unless you are a professional blogger given a particular assignment, you should write when and how you want. At least for me, that’s what makes a blog interesting.

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