Let’s Link—Week 7

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve done one of these posts. But since I’m feeling a bit short on blogging inspiration, I thought, Why not link to some interesting blog posts and news stories about Spain? Here we are, then, with another edition of some of the things I’ve been reading.


Planning a Spanish-American Wedding. Cat is getting married in the U.S. (unlike me), but still—planning a wedding across an ocean isn’t easy for anyone! She details some of the headaches that go along with adding an extra difficulty to the already time-consuming process of wedding planning!

Spain’s Goya Awards were last Saturday, and boy was it a long one! Four hours of awards is enough to leave anyone dozing. Spain’s version of the Oscars was also marked by a racist comment from commentator Jesús María Montes-Fernández about gorgeous Colombian actress Juana Acosta, saying, “She is Colombian but very beautiful; she looks Spanish.” [Emphasis mine] A bit of a faux pas, no?

Juana Acosta Goya 2015

Inditex Drops Sale of Cruel Angora Garments. Inditex is Spain’s largest clothing retailer, including stores like Zara and Massimo Dutti. It had been selling garments using angora fur from rabbits (poor bunnies!). The fur was being ripped from live rabbits, who were then put back to regrow their hair. Ouch.


This translation of Botín, who was the Executive Chairman of Spain’s Grupo Santander: Booty. (I was looking up entramado, if you must know.)

This autumn, my blogging (and now in-real-life!) friend Trevor made his way to Zamora and Toro. His photos and commentary are worth checking out. I love hosting friends in Zamora and feeling kind of like an expert!

Zamora Trevor Huxham
Credit: Trevor Huxham

This article about the case against the phrase “No problem” instead of “You’re welcome” made me think about it in the context of Spanish’s “De nada.” What do you think?

This commercial for yogurt here in Spain made me wonder what, exactly, the creators were thinking. If they were thinking at all.

Most Influential Spanish Style Bloggers. I’m not much into style blogging, but there is a style-blogging word here in Spain, and Paige is very informative!

This tweet about whether or not a Spanish child has some of his/her mom’s tupperware (you know, from getting some of mama’s food!) made me laugh.

What have you been reading?

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