Visiting the Cathedral of Burgos

Catedral de Burgos / Burgos Cathedral

Last autumn, on our way to Asturias, we stopped in Burgos to see the cathedral. Of all Spain’s cathedrals, Burgos’ is the one I just had to see. I’d heard so much about it: from friends, family, and acquaintances. And let me tell you—it did not disappoint. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

Catedral de Burgos / Burgos Cathedral

We were lucky to be there on a cloudless sunny day, the sky a serene azure, and the temperature hovering around 60F. Perfect conditions!

The official name of the cathedral is Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica Metropolitana de Santa María de Burgos, or the Saint Metropolitan Church Cathedral of Saint Mary of Burgos. Naturally, it’s dedicated to the Virgin Mary, as are countless sites around Catholic Spain and Europe. Construction began on the church in 1221, in French-Gothic style, but it was also modified in the 15th, 16th, and 18th centuries.

Catedral de Burgos / Burgos Cathedral

The outside style of the cathedral is Gothic (one of my favorite styles, along with Romanesque!), but the inside has Renaissance and Baroque decorations. The façade reminds one of the great cathedrals of Paris and Reims.

I won’t pretend to give you much of a history lesson, but enjoy some of the pictures.

Catedral de Burgos / Burgos Cathedral

Beautiful blue skies

Catedral de Burgos / Burgos Cathedral
Catedral de Burgos / Burgos Cathedral Escalera Dorada

The Escalera Dorada, or Golden Staircase, is not actually an entrance into the cathedral, but was used to make up for a desnivel, or a difference in heights between two parts of the cathedral. It does so with much style.

Catedral de Burgos / Burgos Cathedral

After visiting the cathedral, we were a bit peckish, so we headed to a nearby bar for some morcilla de Burgos, which—in my opinion—is the best morcilla in all of Spain. The rice makes for a much more moist bocado.

Morcilla de Burgos

Have you ever visited Burgos? Or eaten morcilla?

6 thoughts on “Visiting the Cathedral of Burgos

  1. The cathedral in Burgos is Beautiful. Have you been to the Cathedral in León? It is far simpler yet I find it amazing. It was built by the people for the city. It is my favorite in northern Spain. I love the Morcilla de Burgos. It is delicious!

  2. The cathedral is Burgos is truly amazing. I visited 10 years ago and still remember how stunning it was. The morcilla de Burgos isn’t too far behind either. It’s the best morcilla I’ve eaten in Spain so far.

  3. The cathedral in Burgos is just nuts. I also ate the best meal of my entire life at a Mesón somewhere near by, and so wandering through a little woozy from amazing food and wine enhanced the experience…. so also now whenever I see a picture of the Burgos cathedral I get hungry.

  4. This cathedral is one of my favourites, for obvious reasons! My boyfriend loves to bring visitors to Spain to the cathedral, so I’m lucky to have been able to visit a handful of times.

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