Out West, Visiting Nevada and Tahoe

Before Mario got a job (update on that soon, and yes, he is amazing!), we decided to head out west to visit my brother and sister-in-law, who live in Nevada, close to Lake Tahoe, wine country, and Yosemite National Park. You know, no big deal. It’s not gorgeous out there or anything.

Mario was excited, as he’d never ventured farther west than Chicago. He even went online and started looking up the top 10 hiking backpacks to pick one out for next day Amazon delivery. So naturally, he asked me if we would be flying over the Grand Canyon (known as El Cañon de Colorado, The Canyon of Colorado, in Spanish). We were flying to Reno, with a layover in Dallas, so naturallyl I had no idea. I’m not as terrible as the average person at geography, but still. The U.S. is a big place. We never got a clear-cut answer, but is this or is this not it?

Grand Canyon InstagramInstagram

On our way home from Reno, we stopped in Virginia City, a 19th-century boomtown that is now as touristy as a town can get, but it was fun to take Mario there. At one time, the town had 25,000 residents, but nowadays there are only about 855.

Virginia City Nevada MercantileVirginia City License PlatesI love license plates

The next day we set out to hike Maggies Peak, a mountain in the Sierra Nevada (not that one) mountain range, west of Lake Tahoe. It’s located in California’s Desolation Wilderness, which doesn’t make one feel too good whilst reading the name at the trailhead. With about 1,900 feet of elevation gained (580 m), it’s not very difficult, but it’s still a hike!

Emerald Bay Vista PointEmerald Bay Vista Point

 Maggies Peak hike TahoeBrothers-in-law at the top of the Maggies Peak Hike

Mario also really enjoyed visiting Genoa Bar, Nevada’s oldest bar, which was built in 1853. Not much for Spain, but hey, this is the wild, wild west, right?

IMG_0344Enjoying a local brew

IMG_0347Not a great picture, but we had to stop and get some pie at a little pie shop in the mountains. Coffee + pie = a happy couple. (I get the coffee; he gets the pie.)

And to top it all off, we headed to South Lake Tahoe for some food and gambling. Mario’s favorite was called “Quarter Horses,” a rather uncommon casino game where there are 8 mechanical horses that “race.” You bet on the pair that will come in first and second, so there are combinations like 1-2, 2-4, 5-6, etc. Mario actually won $17! That’s enough gambling for us, really.

IMG_0353One of the days we were in Nevada, we wanted to head up into the mountains to hike. Then THIS happened:

IMG_5466 IMG_5473It made hiking a tad difficult, to say the least. We got into the car and went down to the beach, which looked a little different than the last time I was in Tahoe.

IMG_5481 IMG_5486Next stop? Yosemite National Park, where Mario had one fervent wish: to see a bear. Did he? You’ll just have to wait and see …

10 thoughts on “Out West, Visiting Nevada and Tahoe

  1. The American West is one of my favorite parts of our country—and that was almost certainly the Grand Canyon that y’all flew over; the national park stretches from just outside Las Vegas out to almost the Four Corners so in getting from Dallas (hey hey hey) to Reno it’s really likely you had to cut across Arizona to get there.

  2. It must have been quite a surprise to find all that snow!
    Can’t wait to find out Mario’s new job! Glad he got one so quickly!

  3. My boyfriend wished, and hoped to see a moose when he lived in Canada. After 8 months he finally spotted one. I hope Mario got to see his bear!

    And I feel like you’re exuding happiness from your posts recently and I’m really excited about it 8)

  5. Hi! I recently started reading your blog…My husband and I live in Reno, NV and spend plenty of time in Tahoe (It’s amazing, even thought it’s quite low now) but my father in law is from Spain…Soria. I lived in Spain for a year after college and am just begging my husband to move back to Spain. We visit every summer to see his dad’s family and travel around Spain and explore new corners we’ve never seen. I hope you are enjoying being Stateside, must be nice after so much time in Spain but I must admit I’m itching to get back there. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh it looks like in those wild wild west movies! I thought those were only in the movies. (You can tell I’ve never been there.) Come back to Spain, it’s HOT here haha. The beaches here are crowded and full now too.

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