My Life Lately + Photos

Hi all! You may be wondering why it seems my blog has suddenly become so neglected. I haven’t really felt the blogging muse lately. In truth, my life is not all that different from yours, if you’re reading this from the USA. I was working, paying the bills, shopping at the grocery store (I mean, supermarket), hanging out with friends, and the like. June has been a good month all in all: I finished the school year with good memories, and the World Cup started, which has been keeping my attention even if Spain had an early and rather ugly exit.

But now I’m back at my parents’ home in Indiana, and I couldn’t be happier about it. And since I haven’t felt inspired lately, I thought I’d share some unshared photos from this past year.


An image of Zamora in tilesIMG_0102A weekend trip to Paris—a bit cloudy and cold, but beautiful nonetheless

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Seven Super Shots

Why yes, I am a follower? Why do you ask? Liz tagged me in her post, so I couldn’t resist; besides, I’ve loved all the other ones I’ve read.

My 7 Super Shots are not all superb photos; instead, they reflect a super moment, one that took my breath away or brought me to tears or causes me endless nostalgia to this day. Here goes …

1. A photo that … takes my breath away.

windmills of Don Quixote

This photo was taken in Consuegra, Spain, in the spring of 2008. I was studying abroad in Toledo, Spain. My parents had flown over to visit me. I was so excited, because I wanted them to see Spain and to experience it just like I was doing. These windmills, straight out of Don Quixote, was the just the vessel for that.

2. A photo that … makes me laugh or smile.

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