So You’re Dating a Spaniard—Lauren

As you well know, I’m kind of busy right now, what with wedding planning, getting further into shape, and trying to take advantage of the Spanish summertime. Thus, I’d like to continue my series of Americans dating Spaniards with Lauren, from Spanish Sabores.

Lau Mer 2

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Lauren Aloise and I am a 25 year old expat living in Madrid. Like many Americans I came to Spain to teach English as a Language Assistant. After teaching for two years in southern Spain (Seville) my husband and I decided to move to Madrid to try our luck. Since moving here I’ve been teaching English while working on my blog and websites, and I am currently launching a foodtour company here in Madrid combing my passions of food, wine and cultural history!

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So You’re Dating a Spaniard—Kate

Hello! By nature, I’m quite a nosy curious person, so whenever I read about/hear about a fellow American dating a Spaniard, my ears perk up. This time, though, I decided to take the initiative myself and ask to interview some of my fellow Americans who have ventured into a relationship with Spaniards (or those who have found cross-cultural love in Spain). I’d like to start the series with Kate, an American in León who is dating Jorge, her Spaniard.


Please introduce yourself.

My name is Kate Brooks, I am twenty-three years old, and I am a language and conversation assistant in León, Spain. I studied in Valladolid for five months in 2009, returned to the US to graduate from college, and am now in my second year teaching in León.

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How I Know I Wasn’t Raised Spanish

Surprisingly enough, I am not Spanish. I’ve written a few posts on such topics: How to Dress Like a Spaniard, Tapeando, Hittin’ the Bars, Saying Hello at the Gym. You see, I’ve had to learn it all as an adult. Gradually. I’m still learning everyday, as my conversations with Mario can bring up things I wasn’t aware of before or had heard but just hadn’t put together the puzzle pieces.

  • I don’t innately love a soccer team. (But yes, I do support Real Madrid now. Get over it.)
  • I am unable to de-shell sunflower seeds in my mouth. This caused Mario’s family to spend several minutes instructing me in the fine art of de-shelling sunflower seeds. These efforts failed.
  • I have never eaten cookies  and ColaCao for breakfast.
  • I never had a pincho until I was 21 years old.
  • I don’t “do sport;” I exercise.
  • I don’t innately assign gender to animals. For me, a snake isn’t necessarily a female just because it’s la serpiente.
  • I still don’t get the 11 o’clock break for coffee. Why is no one in their office at this time?!
  • Chorizo and Nutella does not sound like a good combination.
  • Going to buy “the bread” was never a daily outing.
  • I would consider living in yoga pants/sweatpants.
  • I would only get my hair done/buy a new dress for my own wedding and not every single one of my friends’.
  • I just recently discovered the greatness that are “aros de maíz.”
  • I find myself annoyed when things are closed on Sundays. And a little indignant.
  • I apologize way too much. Oh, I slightly touched you as I walked by in the supermarket? I’m sorry! It’s overkill.
  • I never had a house “in the village.”
  • My grandpa does not do the hands clasped behind the back amble through town. And I’m sad about it.