Amsterdam, The Venice of the North

“Watch out!” Mario grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to the buildings. Two seconds later, a bicycle loaded up with the week’s shopping whizzed by, its owner happily oblivious to his surroundings.

In Amsterdam, like all tourists, I got used to a few things: the smell of marijuana (it’s no joke!) wafting around the side streets, the rather impertinent cyclists, and—of course—the miles upon miles of breathtaking canals.

There are, after all, over 60 miles of them. They’re all throughout the city, giving Amsterdam its nickname, “The Venice of the North.” Having visited Venice last summer, I can attest to the fact that both cities’ canals are spectacular in their own ways, but Amsterdam’s have an advantage in the orderliness department—it’s much easier to get lost among Venice’s waterways that snake throughout the city, leading you to dead ends and impossible crossings.

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I am happy to report that, come Friday, I’ll be setting foot on Dutch soil for the very first time!


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I don’t know if Amsterdam has as many “must-visit” sites as a place like Paris, but I’m quite looking forward to the general ambiance: canals, bikes, tall people like me (you know, the usual).

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What are your Amsterdam recommendations?