General Nerdiness

Please consider yourself informed of the general nerdiness of the following post. Thank you, you have been warned.

If you’re a blogger (am I blogger? I guess I am), you may consider yourself to be a “nerd,” due to your general social media savviness or knowledge about which things the general public couldn’t care less. I too am a nerd in many respects; it’s a lable I claim with pride. What am I nerdy about? Let’s see …

  • English grammar. I am praying to God that I make no mistakes in this paragraph, but I love a clean, well-constructed sentence more than most pies. (Pies are just not that good, people.) I like understanding the finer points of grammar, such as why splitting infinitives is sometimes okay, unless you want to sound like an ass.
  • Cooking. I like cooking blogs. I like thinking of new spices, herbs, and vegetables to combine. I like reading about food, the experience in a restaurant, the ambience. It’s serious when I pull out the word ambience.
  • Healthy living. I stumbled upon a healthy living blog and never looked back. How else would I know about kale chips, banana soft serve, or barefoot running? My taste buds and thighs thank you, ladies.
  • Languages in general. I admit it, I read linguistics books for fun. I spout off random facts about declension to my friends and family. I read Wikipedia entries about the Indo-European language family and practically pee myself when I imagine my future bilingual babies – which, by the way, deserves an entry in and of itself.
  • All things Spain. I am biased. I love Spain. Mario is Spanish and, well, if that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will. But seriously, there’s a lot to love about a place where the siesta is still practiced and the wine is cheaper than water. Oh yes, and there’s fresh bread on every corner. Take that, Paris.

That’s it for now. But just ask my mother and I’m sure she’d be happy to tell you what other crazy things her daughter gets up to.