Spanish News: What’s Happening Now

Spain in the News: March 2014

I am not very good at keeping up with the news. I don’t watch the news broadcasts; I don’t buy a newspaper. The most I do is follow Spain’s three big national newspapers on Facebook. (Those three being ABC, El Mundo, and El País.) However, in a concerted effort to know more about my world, I’m committing to write posts like these—updating you on what’s been happening lately in Spain. I’ll link to these stories in English, though many of you may read Spanish.

Adolfo Suárez, Spain’s First Democratically-Elected Prime Minister, Dies

Adolfo Suarez Spain Prime Minister

Adolfo Suárez was 81 years old when he died, and he could no longer remember leading Spain, due to a debilitating case of Alzheimer’s disease, which he suffered from for nearly ten years. He served as prime minister from 1976 to 1981. During that time, his regime implemented democratic reforms and held Spain’s first free elections since 1936, prior to Spain’s civil war. Suárez inspired a lot of love and loyalty, and the crowds came out to pay their respects—more than 30,000 of them turned up to say farewell to him during his funeral procession.

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