Let’s Link—Week 4

Are we already on week four? I can hardly believe it. But I love link posts, so I hope there will be many more!

Let's Link!

Young and Educated in Europe, but Desperate for Jobs. This post hit close to home, as I know many young and educated Spaniards without jobs. Many have had to go outside the country. It seems there are just no jobs here.

IU Dance Marathon raises record $2.6 million for Riley Hospital for Children. I am so proud of my alma mater for their dance marathon! They raise more and more money every year for Riley Hospital, a children’s hospital that does great work in the state of Indiana.

Tom Hussey’s Reflection Photos Give People a Chance to Look Back on Life. I loved seeing these photos of the elderly looking back at pictures of their younger selves. We are all young once. Let’s not forget that.

Thanksgiving 2013: This Year’s Big Trends. What’s out?: cauliflower and kale. What’s in?: appetizers. The big trend?: Bruléed pumpkin pie.

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Photography Assistance

I’ve never been a great photographer. It’s not that I don’t have the skills; I’ve just never dedicated much time to learning about the in-depth parts of shooting with a DSLR. In high school, I took a photography course (which threatened to derail my GPA, no joke), but we learned on old-school-style cameras. I used a Pentax K1000. It was actually a lot of fun, because we got to develop the photos ourselves, use filters, and generally mess around in a dark room, which—when you’re 17—is actually a lot of fun.

Well, I think I posted on Facebook a while back that it’d be nice to have a DSLR for Europe, because if you can’t find a good use for a nice camera in Europe, where can you? (Right?) Well, my parents have given Mario and me a Canon Rebel T3i.


Having experience with my mother’s older version of the Canon Rebel helps, but I’m still ready to go more in depth, to learn more about depth of field and lighting and RAW vs. JPEG.

So, since it worked so well last time, readers, please give me any advice that you may have. I know many of you own DSLRs, and I’ve seen your pictures. Do you have any suggestions? For example: tutorials, websites, books, ideas for practice, etc. I’d like to get in a lot of practice and knowledge before our trip to Italy. Thanks!

Seven Super Shots

Why yes, I am a follower? Why do you ask? Liz tagged me in her post, so I couldn’t resist; besides, I’ve loved all the other ones I’ve read.

My 7 Super Shots are not all superb photos; instead, they reflect a super moment, one that took my breath away or brought me to tears or causes me endless nostalgia to this day. Here goes …

1. A photo that … takes my breath away.

windmills of Don Quixote

This photo was taken in Consuegra, Spain, in the spring of 2008. I was studying abroad in Toledo, Spain. My parents had flown over to visit me. I was so excited, because I wanted them to see Spain and to experience it just like I was doing. These windmills, straight out of Don Quixote, was the just the vessel for that.

2. A photo that … makes me laugh or smile.

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