My Top 10 Myths about Spain

What do you think of when I say “Spain” or, even better, “España”? Do bulls, flamenco dancers, and jarras of sangría spring to mind? Do you imagine yourself in a sunny land of jolly ladies wearing typical dancing outfits singing all the while? Well, I got news for ya, kid. That just ain’t true.

I’ve had ample time and opportunity to get to know Spain on a deeper level. Spain has, like any country, several stereotypes and myths that are perpetuated by the media and/or Big Brother, depending on how you see it. I’d like to address some of these myths and stereotypes.

1. The relaxed attitude is refreshing

Not true. It might be nice when you’re on vacation, but when you live here, it’s sometimes frustrating. See my post on the siesta for an example.

2. Sangría is Spain’s national drink

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Spaniards Are Good at Arguing

Spaniards are good at arguing.

Sometimes I get the sneaking feeling that they want a little argument. Perhaps an argument would inject a bit of fun into the daily mundanity. Perhaps it’s just fun to argue, to say, “Yes, I’m right, ¡TOMA!” I don’t know. I do know that I’m not very good at it.

Bitch Please

This image says it all. The person you see above is María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, more commonly referred to as de la Vega. What a short name, no? She is the former First Deputy Prime Minister and is Mario’s father’s favorite person…okay, I’m being totally sarcastic. Why did I include this image? No reason, except that she has perfected the “Bitch, Please” face. I bet she is ready to argue.

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