Next Destination: Amsterdam

I am happy to report that, come Friday, I’ll be setting foot on Dutch soil for the very first time!


[Source: AP]

I don’t know if Amsterdam has as many “must-visit” sites as a place like Paris, but I’m quite looking forward to the general ambiance: canals, bikes, tall people like me (you know, the usual).

Amsterdam Bikes

What are your Amsterdam recommendations?

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

I just read on that on Friday the expected high is 26C (that’s almost 79F for all you Americans)!! Needless to say, I like and approve heartily of this change in temperature. Sunshine and siestas—that’s what Spain should be all about, am I right?

Things I am looking forward to about spring weather:

Sundresses and tinto de verano and terraces and flowers, OH MY!

LONDON: June 10–13, 2011, with Mario!